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New candy date, who dis??


Hey everyone! You may be wondering what this rainbow-rocking unicorn-bus-driving gal with absolutely zero political background is doing jumping in the presidential race at the last minute thinking she's got a shot. I hear you, it sounds crazy to me too! After years of this aching in my gut, this feeling that have the vision and experience and connections to bring together a radically beautiful healthy world if I were in charge - yet years simultaneously filled with doubt, the shadow of delusion, and deep rest - I've awoken to the truth and light and courage that I cannot rest until I make it so. 


I first publicly announced my running for president on April 1st of 2018 with much support and excitement from my friends and community - but did little (visibly) about it since (hey, it was April Fools, I can always back out with integrity!)  But you know what happens when you ignore a calling? (You know what happens.) It keeps calling! In short, it is my cosmic assignment to do this thing, so here I am y'all! Just in time. You're welcome. And there's no way I can do it without you. Now let's heal the planet and have fun doing it!


My background and experience is nearly impossible to summarize - you kind of have to stalk my social media, google me, and go down the many rabbit holes of my mystery history, interview me... and just overall pay attention. If I told you everything, that would ruin the SURPRISE! (Surprise is my Playa name - aka the name a talking Russian Mannequin Name-Bot at Burning Man gave me - and Russian Bots don't lie... at least not in this case)

In a nut-michelle - I have been a serial creator of movements and programs and philosophies rooted in PLAY, and part of the Burning Man greater since I stepped foot on playa in 2013. From painting the streets with joy, love and positivity via Michelle Joni's Skipping Club, to creating the world's first (only?) preschool for adults, Preschool Mastermind, to starting Dance Lair - a daily morning dance party that holds you accountable for your to-do's and tah-dahs - I believe that the real way to solve problems is by playing! When we feel permission to play, we tap into our inner-child wisdom and innocence, letting easeful solutions reveal themselves as a result of artistic self-expression and inspired action.  


I've also been discovering and deciphering an entirely new groovy woke connective evolutionary way to use our very own Alphabet... we ecall AlphabetiX, and get ready to learn some new Alphabetricks, because our communication system is due for an upgrade! Letters can be even better - nobody disagrees with the Alphabetical Order!

I'm also a musician. As a singer-songwriter, freestyle hip hopping homie, insatiable parody-maker, and who can't stop singing about the revolution and how to get there... I really hope to make this whole ordeal as entertaining as possible. Debates in rhyme... yes please. 

I grew up in New Jersey in a Beatles and rocknroll world, as the eldest daughter of the Lapidos family - my dad Mark started Beatlefest in 1974 and my family still puts it on today (albeit virtually at the moment)! 

More to be added but HEY ask me anything! @michellejoni all over the wwwhirld 


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