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Permanent ::magical:: Culture

If permaculture is observing and working in harmony with the contours of the earth's landscape and regional climate to optimize growth of food and agriculture - permanent ::magical:: culture is observing and working in harmony with the contours of society's landscape and political climate to optimize the growth of our people and world.   

Permanent ::magical:: Culture is taking the ::magical:: events, shows, festivals and cultural gatherings that we have loved in small doses, and letting it be our way of life on a regular basis. Such that economy re-spirals around people's authentic desires, breaking away from the 9-5 lifestyle.

Permanent ::magical:: Culture is a state of infinite flow and synchronicity available to all beings!

We are entering a new age my friends!

Hello generations. Hello people of the Earth.

This is not just for one of us or a few of us.

I demand all 8 billion of us unite

So that we can actually fulfill our potential as a planet.

We're kind of missing the point of life. 

The point of life is changing: 

Do as many art projects as you can do!

Do you want to be someone who meets everybody in the world?
Do you want to go to every country?
Sail the great oceans? 

Relax into your pure intuition and inner guidance

So that full blown synchronicity explodes all around you

And you can just function as a vessel of spirit

And be in touch with the divine every day!

It's so ::magical::

PS Your leader has rainbow hair 

Unicorn's in charge, bishhhh!

It's really simple, see....

I've been preparing my whole life for it really!

Spiritual obstacle courses off the mother F-ing train

but here we are!


This is a call for Permanent ::magical:: Culture!

This is an invitation to go Swimming in Rainbows

(click those links to listen on Spotify!)
This is the time to turn the WORLD into Burning Man (or whatever BLISS looks like to you...)

This is our chance to remake society and make history.

Ready or not, here we are.

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