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The Surprise Party 

In 1940, Gracie Allen ran for president under The Surprise Party. She and her merrymaking husband George Burns, ran a spoof campaign, Vaudeville style! They went on a national Whistlestop Tour, with the Kangaroo as a mascot, traveling by train and appearing in small towns on radio shows everywhere... declaring: "It's in the bag." 

Well, it's 2020 - this world needs a surprise now more than ever... Michelle Joni the superhero is our only hope, the mascot is obviously a Unicorn... and if you ask me, it's in the bag. We have the internet and our dreams and the entire fairy realm to power this. It's not a spoof - it's the real deal, it's everything we've been creating for decades with our events and festivals and gatherings and intentions - now starting from scratch, it's time to make it real and felt on a permanent basis. We're here to give people the surprise of their lives and spark Mass Enchantment! 

Lead by Glinda The Good Bus, The Surprise Party will go on a 50 State Tour from August through the election, campaigning for a Write-In win to make history - and you're invited! Come along with your sauced up mutant vehicle, your ::magic:: acts, your workshop for connection, empowerment, silliness, your gifts -- and/or you're invited to hold it down in a host town/city. Plans are being made a planless era.... look out for details, get in touch, and plan to surprise and be surprised! 

Good thing my Playa Name is Surprise! The name was given to me at Burning Man last year, by a Russian Playa-Name-Giving Mannequin Bot. And nobody argues with a Russian mannequin name-bot. 



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