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UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME - All Americans will receive $1000 a month! Those who don't want or need it, funds will go towards grants for community building and art. 

HEALTHCARE - free universal healthcare for anyone who wants it. If you still want to pay for it that's cool too!

POLICE FOR PEACE - Reinvented completely to be not just punitive, but with a reward system. A force for good that brings music to the streets, and holds a weekly gathering to listen to the community it serves.

REFOCUS TOWARDS FUN - FOR PERSONAL AND PLANETARY WELLNESS - States will have friendly competitions for doing good for people and the environment. Which state will have the largest yoga class in one place this month? Which town will organize the best trash pickup party? Let's see! Prizes, points. 

MARIJUANA - Decriminalized. Legalized. Everyone in jail for a marijuana offense will be released. 

PRISON ABOLITION - For all inmates in jail for non-criminal/non-felony cases will be re-assessed. Prisons will become more like rehabilitation centers.   

A GOVERNMENT THAT RUNS LIKE SUMMER CAMP - Sleepaway Camp meets Burning Man Camp meets CAMPY Camp! The new world will operate a bit like a sleepaway camp, which give people time to explore many activities and interests - especially in nature.  A bit like a Burning Man Camp - except setting up locally, ongoingly.

WHAT ELSE!? This page will be occupied with exorbitant amounts of visions and ideas. Ultimately this is about all of us -- YOU coming into power, YOUR dreams coming true. Not your baseline survival life - your fully flowing abundant self-designed life.  I want to hear from everyone - what do you want? Post it on Instagram - set the imaginationverse afire! Let's paint the picture and make it happen!  

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